The special characteristics of the Lake Trasimeno make it an ideal habitat for several species of varying qualities.

Years ago fishing was one of the mainstays of the local economy, and still today many fisherman go out every day for their daily fishing. Nowadays they are organized into cooperatives.

We’d like to present some of the most important fishes of Lake Trasimeno:

The Queen carp, “Carpa Regina”, is the best known lake fish and has been enjoyed in the whole Trasimeno area since ancient times. With its firm flesh it is used in many variety of dishes. The roe are used in soup and for sauces over pasta dishes.

The Eel is much prized, with its oily and tasty flesh. It is caught in eel traps.

The Tench  has extremely tasty flesh, but since it contains many bones, it is usually served filleted.

The Royal Perch “Persico Reale” is one of the most popular fish. Its flesh is very delicate. It is used in many kind of preparation: risottos, pastas and fried in flour….

The Pike The difficulty of catching it and its highly-prizes flesh make it one of the most sought-after of all the lake fish.

The Daces, very small fishes with excellent flesh are served fried and eaten whole in the classic “cartoccio” made of straw paper.

During your stay we will be happy to suggest the best restaurants where you can taste many fish specialities typical of the Trasimeno area!

Benvenuti e Buon appetito!