From a suggestive long covered walkway of the Palazzo Corgna in Castiglione del Lago, you can visit the majestic Rocca del Leone.

Arrived at the Rocca you can visit the ramparts and access to the walkways. Climbing to the top of the triangular tower may seem challenging, but it’s worth it for the view over the Trasimeno area, which is really wonderful!

The Rocca del Leone was built in the middle of the century XIII. Due to its high position very close to the lake, it was the strategic point for the control of the whole area of Lake Trasimeno.

The shape of the Rocca is pentagonal with four towers and a triangular keep, 39 meters high. It was built on the remains of an Etruscan acropolis. Its walls are embattled and the two towers of circular shape, are more recent, from the first half of the century XVI because they are more resistant to the cannon attacks of the era.

Inside the Rocca del Leone you can also see the ruins of a church that is probably of Byzantine origin, dedicated to Saints Philip and James.