Città della Domenica (“City of Sunday” in English) is the first amusement park in Italy, inaugurated in 1963. It was designed and achieved at the end of the mid-century by Mario Spagnoli, a smart businessman native of Perugia, son of Luisa Spagnoli (the woman who invented the “Baci Perugina” and created the fashion house of the same brandname).

It spreads over a surface of 100 acres, along the hill that overlooks Perugia and offers to visitors a spectacular view on one of the most beautiful view of Umbria.

Beyond its attractions and animations, Città della Domenica offers a rare bond between the love for environment and contact with animals; visiting it it’s a unique occasion to spend a cheerful day, surrounded by the nature, stimulating the fantasy and immerse oneself into the culture. It’s the ideal park for children, all-aged people and families.

The park contains an abundant assortment of free ranging wildlife, from deer to roebuck, a section devoted to African wildlife with lions, bison, zebras, as well as yaks, lamas, dromedaries, macaques, ostriches, flamingos and crested cranes.

Visitors also have access to the reproduction centre – one of the largest in Italy – where a number of endangered reptiles are kept and studied. These include pythons, albino cobras, iguanas and alligators. Part of a nationwide Italian organisation of zoological gardens and aquariums, the Città della Domenica meets the standards of contemporary zoos, which aim to protect endangered species for study and educational purposes.

It is possible to visit it by walk or on its historic Train which makes the whole tour of the Park and stops along the most popular attractions: the Farm of the Old Trades, the Pinocchio’s Village, the Far West and the Raptors’ s Canyon. Among the attractions for which visitors will be asked an extra charge over and above the simple entrance ticket are the children’s riding school, the go-kart track, the speed boat pool, archery, videogames, the inflatable section and the structure’s restaurants.

To know the schedule with the opening days and our prices please visit the official web site of the Park.

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