Orvieto is one of the most beautiful cities of Umbria that we suggest you to visit during your stay in our countryhouse.

One of the things that makes Orvieto unique is a series of underground caves hidden in the rock below the town.

The geological formation of the rock, upon which the town is built, has allowed the populations present on the site for about 2500 years to dig and tunnel beneath the modern town, leaving us today with a mine of many historical and archeological information.

Today a guided tour through the town’s caves takes us back in time and humid passage ways that hide the ghosts of Etruscan, Medieval and Renaissance history. The trip will take you back through the town’s history!

The ticket office of Orvieto Underground is located on: Piazza Duomo 23, Orvieto. For more information visit the website: https://www.orvietounderground.it/index.php/en/

Your guide leads the way to the entrance of the grottos and tunnels that riddle the cliff of Orvieto.

A tour through Orvieto’s caves is an experience that you should not miss out!