Products of the farmhouse

The Case Graziani farm house produces extra-virgin olive oil, jams and honey.


The extra virgin olive oil is the most important product in the farm.

The olive grove from which the fruits are harvested is located in Umbria by the Trasimeno Lake, between Umbria and Tuscany.

The harvesting takes place in the early days of November when the fruit is at the beginning of its maturation, and it is still mostly carried out manually, thus preserving the Umbrian tradition. Once collected, the olives are immediately taken to the mill for processing. In order to better preserve the olive oil organoleptic properties, the fruits are processed according to the traditional cold-crushing methods

Like most of the extra-virgin olive oil produced in the area of Trasimeno, the Case Graziani extra virgin olive oil has a fruity flavour, more delicate than the one produced in other areas of Umbria which are located further from the lake.

At Case Graziani you can taste and purchase our products direct from the farm: olive oil, jams and honey, are all genuine and natural products.

We would heartily recommend a stay in our farmhouse holiday homes in November, and invite you to join us in the olive harvesting, and to enjoy the countryside scents by the Trasimeno Lake in the autumn season.