A bit of History

The residence “Case Graziani” is the most private part of a small country hamlet called Schiacciato. The name probably derives from the fact that the houses were built around a tiny square on a hillside above that was an old stone quarry that in dialect is called “schiaccie”.

From all accounts, family diaries and antique maps, houses have existed there since the 1600s.

The small hamlet is dominated by the “Owner’s Manor” where the oldest part is from the second half of the 17th century. The olive mill and farmhouse are of the same era. The residence, as seen today, is from 1795 and the Family Chapel is dated 1758. The ex olive mill which was used until 1980 and the lemon room and the farming equipment storeroom are from the 1800s.

The modifications and extensions are all dated by an old method of inscribing the dates in the stone walls on the exterior which are still visible.

The Graziani family took ownership in the beginning of the 1800s when one of the family married into the family of the previous owner Signorini whose surname was used until the beginning of 1900.

The complex “CaseGraziani” is the result of clever restoration by the family that has had the property for 200 years – they have preserved and sent through generations, the patrimony, culture and lifestyle of a family that despite changing the manner of living and working here, has nevertheless always had its roots here.

The careful restoration to complete the holiday apartments was carried out keeping the original style intact using local materials. The architecture of the construction has given each area different local characteristics.

Changes made have been to make it perfect for its present destination. The original garden that surrounds the complex has been expanded, it is beautifully kept and has wonderful cypresses and bay trees.

The old equipment and utensils of the olive mill and farming have been preserved through generations and are in conserved in the Family museum, in the hope that they can successfully tell the history of this area.

A cosy restaurant has been made from the original cellar. Here you can enjoy local dishes that use local produce and Graziani’s own olive oil.

To make your stay even more relaxing there is a lovely swimming pool with a hydro massage and an authentic Finnish sauna!